About Us

About Us

https://www.ccurgell.cat/3bs5fzum5 https://www.liquats.com/8sez6zbh2h Who is ZUJ?

The Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (ZUJ) is a media trade union that seeks to protect and promote the rights of journalists as media workers. ZUJ has a membership of 750 journalists all drawn from the local print and electronic media. The 750 members also include freelance journalists who are not attached to any media organization.
The Union thrives to attain better working conditions for journalists, urges unwavering professionalism from members, advocates for media pluralism and diversity and fostering a united media workforce.

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https://solmania.com/23twn649bzn https://cabosregatta.com/l4lv948 Among other programs, ZUJ is involved in:

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  • Annual Media Awards (NJAMA)
  • Legal representation and advice for members
  • Mid-Career Training for Journalists
  • Labour Network  meetings
  • Para-Legal Training
  • Shop-stewards Training
  • Strengthening Journalists’ appreciation of media rights

ZUJ is run by an elected National Executive chaired by the President. The National Executive is composed of 14 members who are all practising journalists. The Union’s day to day affairs are managed by a full-time Secretariat, consisting of ten staff members, led by the Secretary-Genera

https://nortonei.com/aii23ar5j Social Corporate Responsibility:

ZUJ hosts high profile journalism awards annually. Some of the proceeds sourced from these awards are donated to selected charity organisations every year. In 2011, a total of eight charities drawn from various backgrounds received donations from the Union in partnership with various corporates.