ZUJ Calls on Government to Condemn and Investigate Attacks on Journalists

The Zimbabwe Union of Journalists, ZUJ, has called on the Government of Zimbabwe to speedily ensure that rogue assailants who attacked journalists in broad day light and in front of police  officers  are arrested and  made  to account for their heinous crimes.

In addition, the Union has called on the government to publicly condemn the attacks on Zimbabwean journalists to ensure similar outrages do not happen again.

The criminal incident which happened on Friday,  18 September also saw the theft of video cameras and other gadgets used in journalistic work.

Other valuables such as mobile phones  were destroyed  or stolen  by the assailants  who were   travelling in a white vehicle whose registration number was AEN7704.

The journalists were attacked while covering a demonstration by tertiary students affiliated to the Zimbabwe National Students Union, ZINASU outside Impala Car Rental in Harare.

Property belonging to the organisation was reportedly used in the abduction and subsequent torture of a journalism student, Tawanda  Muchehiwa  by unknown gunmen and assailants.

ZUJ Secretary General, Foster Dongozi said the attacks were well coordinated and could not have been the work of civilians.

“Our concerns emanate from the fact that the attacks happened in front of some police officers who reportedly stood by and watched  the unfolding developments.

“In addition,  the operation was carried out in a manner indicating that the assailants were well drilled in such operations.

“We condemn the continued attacks on journalists in Zimbabwe and call on the authorities to ensure such developments do not happen again. Journalism is not a crime. We are under attack from organised and possibly armed people.  We fear that some journalists will be killed in future if we don’t speak out against this outrage,” said Dongozi.

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